NuCalm Provides Cancer Patients A Forced ‘Time Out’

2016-06-11_dr-hranicky-nucalm-ccwp_press-release-2Janet Hranicky, Ph.D., an internationally renowned expert on the connection between psychoneuroimmunology and cancer, has added the patented NuCalm technology to her arsenal to help patients better cope with, and even fight cancer.

Participants in Dr. Hranicky’s Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program (CCWP), a highly regarded health and education program, benefit from natural and holistic approaches involving nutrition guidelines and various therapies, plus psychological and emotional support. “The addition of NuCalm brings a 21st century technology and a whole new dimension of help,” she says. “Over three decades, I have used a range of techniques and therapies to help patients manage stress, but none has provided consistently predictable and reliable outcomes –until now.

NuCalm ( is a drug-free, four-part system involving a calming cream to counteract adrenaline, microcurrent stimulation, soothing music with neuroacoustic software, and an eye mask. There are no side-or after-effects.

Dr. Hranicky says, “There’s a strong correlation between stress, psychological factors and cancer. Evidence links one’s stress response not only to the development and course of cancer, but also to their response to treatment. The more we can help people down-regulate stress physiology, the more we can help upregulate the immune system and other healing mechanisms.”

2016-06-11_dr-hranicky-nucalm-ccwp_press-release-1James Poole, CEO and President of Solace Lifesciences, Inc., maker of NuCalm, says it is the world’s first and only patented technology that balances and maintains the health of the human autonomic nervous system: “It acts like a reset button that dramatically lowers the stress response and allows the body’s natural healing processes to thrive. It’s especially useful to manage highly stressful lifestyles and experiences. Some of the biggest NuCalm users include professional athletes, top executives, pilots, dental patients, and cancer patients.”

“When a person learns they have cancer, often they become stressed, fearful and confused,” says Poole. “They can’t relax. The body’s resulting stress response allows the cancer to take over, even accelerate the patient’s depreciation. NuCalm predictably and rapidly puts the brakes on the stress response, giving them peace of mind, clarity, balance and improved sleep quality. Dr. Hranicky’s multi-pronged approach – incorporating NuCalm — helps the mind and body to fight back.”

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Hranicky, has taught thousands of cancer patients how to cope and trained thousands of healthcare professionals in innovative therapies. She says, “NuCalm has a profound impact on people’s lives, mine included.”

Dr. Hranicky says continued use of NuCalm can effectively manage the stress response and reduce vagus nerve overstimulation, thus remediating nausea, chemo fog, and improving sleep quality. “We can now bring patients into periods of deep, restorative rest. This deep relaxation, coupled with newfound emotional safety, interrupts the patient’s negative stress response, making way for a new, healthier response. It allows for recuperation and a reboot of the system that can provide resiliency and regeneration.”

The CCWP brings the latest in holistic approaches to help people regenerate, regain their strength and confidence for getting better, and increase their overall vitality and zest for life. Participants gain confidence and empowerment to develop a clear strategy for maximizing their recovery potential. Programs are held every 3 months in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The patented NuCalm technology is used across 5 continents with over a 95% satisfaction rate. Today’s pace and demands continually challenge people’s ability to effectively manage stress and get good quality sleep. NuCalm is helping thousands of people get what they need. Visit


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