Bellingham Emergency Dentist

Are you looking for good emergency dental care in Bellingham, WA? It’s of prime importance for you and your entire family to have quick access to a Bellingham emergency dentist, especially if you happen to be suffering from severe tooth pain or other similar symptoms. Whenever you need a rapid tooth extraction or another type of emergency dentistry, the dentists and staff at this Washington State emergency dentist will provide fast, effective, gentle care. That’s why our emergency dentist is standing by to provide emergency dental care treatment on the same day you contact us.

Kid smiling in dental chair

Our Bellingham emergency dentist places the highest value on establishing a very good relationship with all of their patients because they strongly believe that a person’s health picture is topped off by a beautiful smile. In addition, our emergency dentist would like you to know that they’ll do everything possible so that their patient will experience the least amount of pain whenever they do a tooth extraction or any other kind of emergency procedure. They will use Nucalm, which is the latest form of patented neuroscience technology to create feelings of deep relaxation in our emergency patients.

Emergency Dental Services in Bellingham WA

  • Repairing knocked out teeth
  • Treatment for all types of toothaches – Whether your toothache is caused by an infection, decay, or a cracked tooth, our dentist can diagnose and take care of your dental problem promptly
  • Dental fillings – If your filling has fallen out, or you have a toothache caused by structural damage to a tooth because of trauma or decay, our experienced emergency dentist will use high quality composite materials to fill and restore your tooth and eliminate your toothache
  • Infection and pain relief – Oral infections can spread very quickly and lead to serious consequences in a matter of a few hours. Emergency dentistry will take care of your infection as quickly as possible
  • Dentures
  • Fixing cracked caps and crowns
  • Tooth extractions – There are times when a tooth is too severely damaged and might require an immediate extraction in order to give pain relief and avoid an infection. Our dentist will use either a topical numbing agent or use general anesthesia so that patients will experience the least amount of discomfort. People who have had teeth extracted can frequently return so that cosmetic dentistry or a dental implant can be done
  • Root canal therapy - Immediate appointments can be made to remove any infected pulp tissue located in a tooth’s root chamber
  • Trauma dentistry
  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic and restorative dentistry

Our caring staff knows that emergency dentistry should be available as quickly as possible. No one knows when an emergency will happen – whether a tooth has been knocked out at a ball game, or a patient cracks a tooth by eating something too hard. Emergency dental care should be available on a same day basis, and should not be ignored or delayed. Our Bellingham emergency dentist knows that letting an infection go, or not treating a traumatic mouth injury can lead to some serious consequences.